About Us

a photo of the home cook missy

Stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean that I have the luxury of time. No matter what, I still aim to please in the kitchen. Home cooking was important in my upbringing. Therefore, it was natural that when I had a family, it would be a fundamental part of our lives. Cook to eat, but always cook with love.

a photo of the food photographer for missy cooks at home

Finding a niche in photography was not a quick journey. I seeked an outlet for creativity, but couldn’t stray too far from home. Food is where I landed, and it was easy to love. I already spent most of my days looking forward to the next meal because my wife is quite the cook. The challenge I face now is pausing before consuming. The lighting must be delicate, the angle must be sure. The food speaks for itself, but the lens must capture it.

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